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Let us put our experience — more than 20 years of it — to work for your company. We’ve developed a comprehensive methodology to assist with your email issues, big and small.

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We understand all the layers of your business, from ethernet to marketing KPIs. We can talk to your network engineers and to your CEO, in the same call.


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Topics we think our partners and clients may find interesting about email operations and best practices.

Introducing MTA-STS and TLS Tools

on May 18, 2019

Introducing a couple new tools to assist fellow postmasters with their deployments. Use these tools for quick spot checks of your configuration.

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Encrypted Email Transport

on May 3, 2019

Well deployed encrypted email transport techniques are a very important component of the Email Security landscape.

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Are You Ready for the DNS Flag Day?

on January 19, 2019

An important change in the way DNS operates is coming. On February 1st 2019 some of your visitors might have trouble reaching you. Are you ready for the change?

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Benchmarking SMTP servers with Postal

on November 4, 2017

This is a technical post where we discuss the use of the Postal SMTP Benchmarking tool to determine the performance of your email servers. For our examples, we’re targeting our Managed Email Tunnel but the information should also be of use for any plain mail server.

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