New tricks for your old email.

Managed Email Tunnel

Improve your email deliverability while keeping your authoring and delivery workflow intact. Our Managed Email Tunnel queues and delivers your mailing list traffic effortlessly, while adhering to industry best practices for email authentication and delivery.

Managed Email Tunnel Diagram

SuretyMail certification for each message

Your Managed Email Tunnel is pre-certified by SuretyMail to ensure your mail will receive a significant deliverability boost, right from the first day.

Each message going through the tunnel also receives the special SuretyMail headers that ease classification by the receiver.

Not in the SuretyMail Email Reputation Certification program? No problem. SuretyMail certification is a friendly process that assesses your readiness as an email sender and due to our special partnership with ISIPP SuretyMail, we can refer and assist you through your certification path

In most cases SuretyMail will waive the 90 days continuous sending and dedicated IP address requirement when you mention us in your application process.

Please send us an email to and we’ll happy to get you started in the process.

Keep your existing message generation workflow

Our Managed Email Tunnel provides an SMTP endpoint to your existing message generation software. Instead of handing off your messages to your hosting provider’s general purpose mail server, a simple configuration change allows your message generator to deliver messages through the Managed Email Tunnel.

By keeping your workflow unchanged, you and your customers can enjoy a seamless transition with no downtime and a minimal adaptation period.

Opportunistic encryption

With opportunistic encryption your email tunnel will always try to deliver email through a cryptographic session providing an additional layer of protection for your customers’ email so that it will no longer be transmitted in the clear.

Encrypted traffic

Traditionally considered a waste of resources for public mailing lists, the use of encryption can offer a modest increase in the base reputation of your email. Large ISPs are moving to an “encryption everywhere” mind set encouraging cryptography to be used for all transactions.

Our use of opportunistic encryption eases your compliance burden, as your customer’s data won’t travel in the clear over public networks. It also helps with boosting the confidence of your recipients, increasing your message opening rate.

Message Encryption Warning

As you can see from the example above, even large, regulated companies in the health care sector can have troubles with this.

Complete authentication setup

Our Managed Email Tunnel is configured to sign every delivered message using DKIM. During setup we’ll also work with you to get suitable SPF records in place, to ensure that all email flowing through the Managed Email Tunnel are seamlessly and correctly authenticated by the receiving ISPs.

Clients that are already signing their email with in-house keys have multiple options depending on the specific use case. From shared keys to additional signing records, our Managed Email Tunnel can be configured to the exact level of service you require.

Automatic, per-ISP queueing policies

Large ISPs have proprietary email platforms with their own set of limitations which translate to subtle but critical differences in how to achieve peak deliverability. Because we are familiar with each of those sets of limitations, our Managed Email Tunnel can be configured to keep track of the differences on a per-ISP basis.

Messages for each major ISP are queued differently, according to the best known operational parameters and best practices. This helps assure that your email will get past the door each time, all the time.

Per ISP monitoring

Using proprietary methods, our Managed Email Tunnel matches every message with its destination ISP, in real time. This allows virtual email queues to keep track of your volume by destination. Directly observing how quickly the different queues empty is a simple way to identify minor issues before they become a threat to your or your customers’ email.

Thanks to technology, even messages going to domains that are hosted with or Google Apps are routed with the correct queue policies, further improving the performance of your email campaigns.

Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 delivery addresses

Each Managed Email Tunnel is configured with one IPv4 and one IPv6 dedicated address for message delivery. Correct matching DNS reverses are configured as required. This dual stack capability allows your email to benefit from often less-congested IPv6-only email infrastructure.

As an additional benefit, email delivered over IPv6 tends to improve your domain-focused reputation levels, as the huge address space available under this protocol forces ISPs to match reputation data with domain names rather than IP addresses.

DNS blacklist monitoring

As part of our service offering, we monitor DNS blacklists to identify issues with your Managed Email Tunnel. New listings are reported, addressed and when required, escalated to resolve the underlying issue in the fastest way possible.

IP reputation and history are thoroughly checked before putting IP addresses in service, which provides additional assurance that the success of your email campaign is not conditioned by the behavior of the prior user of your IP addresses.

Quick message handoff

Through careful configuration, our Managed Email Tunnel endpoints can receive messages from your production workflow at about 900,000 messages per hour. This often means that your mail batches can be done more quickly, allowing you to effectively narrow the window of time when the messages will be arriving at your recipients’ mailboxes, across all ISPs.

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